Client Feedback

activity therapy in kind words

“It’s so much fun going with you [Zoë]. It’s really great!”

- 95 yo woman after a trip to the Berkeley Animal Care Services and Berkeley Marina. October, 2018

“Dear Zoë: Thanks for working with my mom and thanks for keeping up the creativity. She appreciates it. I mentioned you recently and my mom said ‘She’s beautiful’ about you.”

-Adult daughter of a client in her 90s who is mostly non-verbal. 2018.

“You [Zoë] are a precious one. You’re a keeper.”

- 92 yo man after a session of painting and talking together.

“You [Zoë] sure know how to pick places to show people!”

- 95 yo woman on a trip to the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael. September, 2018

“You [Zoë] are (is) one of the strongest connections I’ve made here (in California), and one of the most valuable.”

“Thank you, Zoë, I always enjoy your visit notes! Makes me very happy every time. Happy New Year!”

- Adult son of client in her 90s. January, 2018.

“The Lord gave me one of his angels when he sent you [Zoë].”

- 97 yo woman, bed-bound and on hospice. September, 2018

“You [Zoë] brought me to see a lot of new stuff!”

- 95 yo woman at the Oakland Zoo. September, 2018

“Not everybody you go to a museum with drowns in the art with you. It’s like, you [Zoë] go swimming in it! I really enjoy these afternoons together, don’t you?”

-87 yo woman on trip to the SF MOMA. August, 2018.

“I’ve been institutionalized for so long, I’d forgotten there was an outside world. Going to the museum today reminded me of who I am.”

“I was smiling the whole time.”

- 80 yo woman, bed-bound, at the end of a 2-hour session with Zoë. July, 2018

“You [Zoë] light up my life. Not many people have such an impact on people’s lives.”

- 87 yo woman after a session where we copied Matisse paintings and listened to classical music.

“I always feel happy when I see you. You sure know how to make a person feel like they are somebody.”

- 95 yo woman after spending time together on the Mills College campus in Oakland.

“It’s really nice to be going somewhere and doing something with someone who likes it as much as I do. It’s [Zoë] GET(s) it. WE get it. We get it TOGETHER.”

“Zoë knows how to bring a person to life.”

- 87 yo woman who loves theater, art, and music, 2018.