Zoë’s Services


Activity Therapist

since 2008

Zoë has been providing creative and meaningful activities to elders for over 10 years. She meets her clients where they are – at any type of residence; even the hospital, and meets her clients where they are at all levels of cognitive functioning. Specializing in Alzheimer's and dementia care, Zoë connects with people who love the arts: music, literature, art, poetry, theater, dance, opera -- bringing clients to daytime arts & cultural venues: museums, galleries, libraries, parks -- and places of architectural, historical and natural interest. Wheelchairs are fine as long as client can get in and out of a car that has no wheelchair lift. Folded wheelchair or walker fits in the trunk! Zoë also provides bedside and table activities in any setting. “Activity” can sometimes mean good conversation, as well as holding silence.




End of Life Doula

Zoë’s clients know and trust her

That's why, in 2017 Zoë attended two separate trainings on end of life doula work so she can accompany her clients on the last phase of their life journey. She is on a path to becoming certified with INELDA, the International End Of Life Doula Association. As part of this project, she is working on forming a doula collective with other INELDA-trained doulas in the East Bay. Beginning in 2018, Zoë is adding end of life doula services to her service menu at the same hourly rates as her activity therapy services. At this time, she can provide vigil planning with individuals and their families, and vigil sessions. This means that she can help her clients and their families plan ahead for what they would like their last weeks or days to look like, and she can also be on call to be present with them for a certain number of hours during their last days & nights.


Medical  Companion

a specialized door-to-door service

When a client needs to go to a medical appointment, and a family member is not available, Zoë specializes in bringing her clients to medical facilities. In addition to keeping her clients calm, grounded and entertained while sitting in the waiting room, Zoë goes into the doctor's office with the client and records the visit. She communicates with you, the family member or legal guardian, relaying questions and answers and providing information to medical professionals.